World Café

World Café

The Circle Way

Open Space Technology

ProAction Café

Two Loops - How Systems Change

Bringing the Art of

Hosting Conversations that Matter

to Faith Communities

The World Café

Gathered around tables in groups of 4, in conversation about important questions, capturing a visual harvest of images and words.

Open Space

Creating a marketplace of conversations options hosted by participants. Staying with a single conversation or moving about like bees cross-pollinating conversations.

Dyads and Triads

Timed conversations in groups of 2 or 3, listeing intently and reflecting back what has been heard. Deeping relationships, discovering new ways of thinking and being.

The Circle Way

Being in circle, in equality where every voice matters. Sharing the roles of hosting, moderating and harvesting.

Art of Hosting: Online Practitioners Circle

Starts January 31

Join Joe and Allan for a 4-part online Art of Hosting practitioners circle 1 pm EST Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28 and Apr 25. With special guests Karen Hilfman-Millson, Chris Corrigan, Ben Wolfe and Peter Pula.

We will be exploring practices that help church communities engage in  conversations that matter, asking the questions that help them faithfully probe and make sense of their complex contexts. We will also explore practices that help us move from conversation to response, creating “safe to fail” experiments that help us discover actions that have an impact.

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Hosting Sacred Conversations is a network of Art of Hosting Practitioners who work primarily with churches. Find out how we can help you engage in conversations that matter, make sense of your church’s context and help you design a reponse to  the opportunities you discover.